Joseph Horgan

The Man Made Out of Shipping Containers

I never knew
I would forever be landing,
would become
the transport I arrived on.

I am always here,
newly minted like counterfeit,
I don’t know,
if I am coming or going.

And solace,
such a predictable penance,
I am almost weary
each time I open the door.

If my life were cut open
this is how
time could be told.
By the rings on the counter.




Joseph Horgan
is a past winner of the Patrick Kavanagh Award and was previously shortlisted for a Hennessy Award. His poems have appeared in various journals in Ireland, Europe and the UK. He is the author of one collection, Slipping Letters Beneath the Sea (Doghouse 2008), and a book of essays, The Song at Your Backdoor (Collins Press, 2010). A collection of poetry and pictures, with the artist Brian Whelan, An Unscheduled Life, will be published by Agenda Editions next month.