John Saunders

Out of Date

We are huddled in a grassy hollow
where some beast has left its shape.
The clouds are a whirlpool of confusion,
what blue we can see is filled with emptiness.

Wrapped in the worth of each other
we try to mend our threads of imperfection,
brush out the matted yarn of history.
Your bones press against me like daggers.

I wish I knew now what I once knew
when I was lit by the light of youth,
before I became another memory,
a one man band of out of date stories.

John Saunders’ first collection After the Accident was published in 2010 by Lapwing Press, Belfast. His poems have appeared in Revival, The Moth Magazine, Crannog, Prairie Schooner Literary Journal (Nebraska), Sharp Review, The Stony Thursday Book, Boyne Berries, Riposte, and on line, The Smoking Poet, Minus Nine Squared, The First Cut, The Weary Blues, Burning Bush 2, Weekenders, Poetry Bus and poetry 24.  He is one of three featured poets in  MeasuringDedalus New Writers published by Dedalus Press in May 2012. He is a member of the Hibernian Poetry Workshop and a graduate of the Faber Becoming a Poet 2010 course. His second collection was recently published by New Binary Press.