Michael Corrigan

Horse Men

Someone farted
and there were
of barely stifled laughter
though autumn had brought
cooler, colder nights
we were sheened
with sweat
In this tiny space
crammed in
our knees pulled up
each mans breath
filling the lungs
of the next

Carpenters joined
the hollow hulls
of black sailed ships
face to face
then dressed them up
to look like a horse
to our enemies
the horsemen

Had they been goatherds
we would have made them
a goat
our legend lost
in black
ruminant humour

But, incredibly
they saw
what they wished
To see

And there we were
lying in deception
trapped in time
encased in wood
we were not heroes
we were no hopers
knowing men
hauled through the welcoming gates
frightened, fearful
and ready for murder

Finally our captain
hissed his command
we opened the trap door
and tossed out the ropes
we made our way
to the sleeping streets
of Troy

Michael Corrigan has been published in a wide range of journals and periodicals including Revival Journal, Upstart.ie, Five Poetry Journal, and Prairie Schooner Magazine (USA). He lives in County Kildare, Ireland.