Michael S. Begnal

For Ron Asheton


  volume    volume




volume     volume     volume


    no way,

chord       chord        chord


     chord            chord




  one two three four,

we mythologize and love our heroes
and propagate their images,
quantum leaps of evolution,
it is nothing else but


and the thing
you don’t understand at first
is best

  (like a toupée)

something is a part of someone,
never a dead end,
never hard to understand

a bloody hand



the shifting sands

what are the sensations
in the studio
under pink,
for a place called Stoogeland?

other times alone
and drinking,
a mind wide enough
as liquid,
 a switch

can’t ask him now
of the sensation,
songs of a single chord,
quite other song,
the true sound of metal guitar strings
struck through loud

a strange orange wind wails,
a strange orange wind wails,
an orange wind wails,


    it wails—

    it’s 2009

In the Stadium

the stadium of white stone,
cracked blocks of sun

       faces brown and lined,
the men eating tacos in the stands,
some take pills when no one is looking

hard working in the taxi office 12 hours a day,
it’s hard sitting in these faulty seats of wood
which date to Roman times or before,
and the peanut vendors never come around

   it is that
the colossal stadium
       has gathered the people—

the announcer, drunk, crackles over the loudspeaker,
you peer through an arch on the mezzanine
and view its space/

  the stadium at night,
   floodlights shoot into the black sky,
       cathedral columns spaced in circle
so when you look up, the whole crowd one mass,
   as in its womb,
       enwrapped in its familial warmth,
you see a passage, or a canal,

   you rise through it,


      to birth

Michael S. Begnal has published three collections of poetry: Ancestor Worship (Salmon Poetry, 2007), Mercury, the Dime (Six Gallery Press, 2005), and The Lakes of Coma (Six Gallery Press, 2003).  His poems, essays and reviews have appeared internationally in numerous journals and anthologies, in print and electronically.  His new collection, Future Blues, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry.  His blog is www.mikebegnal.blogspot.com