Nancy Anne Miller

World Fair 1957  

The large globe showing
only continents on a wire mesh
of circles, so modern in the 50’s,
today looks like a large baseball
coming undone as I travel Route 8.

I remember attending, tasting
my first cotton candy, a dyed
pink bee hive hairdo, mimicked
the peak my locks streaked up
into as I rode the roller coaster

down. The merry go round steel
ponies chromed as American cars
and just as flashy, eyes bright as
headlights, stirrups trailed leather
like mud flaps on trucks passing.

I won a teddy I was too old for.
My father relived his USA child-
hood while we ate popcorn so
delicately, as if it was foam pack-
aging his memories were boxed in.


Nancy Anne Miller is a Bermudian poet with an MLitt in Creative Writing from University of Glasgow. Somersault, a poetry collection about Bermuda is forthcoming from Guernica Editions (CA). Her poems have appeared  in Edinburgh Review (UK), The International Literary Quarterly (UK), Stand (UK), Mslexia (UK), The Moth (IE), A New Ulster (IE), The Fiddlehead (CA), The Dalhousie Review (CA), The Caribbean Writer (VI), Journal of Caribbean Literatures (USA), The Caribbean Quarterly (JA), Postcolonial Text (CA) Sargasso: A Journal of Caribbean Language, Literature and Culture (PR), and tongues of the ocean (BS) among others with poems forthcoming in Agenda (UK) and Magma (UK). She is a MacDowell Fellow and teaches workshops in Bermuda.