Issue Two (Apr 2012)


Christodoulos Makris                    Four Manifestos | Two Nudes

Philip Crymble                              Nursery

Kimberly Campanello                   I don’t know if you noticed

Tyler Farrell                                  The Cathedral / Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France

Pat Jourdan                                  Petition of an Indigent Roomkeeper

Mark Granier                                 Stolpersteine

Michael S. Begnal                         For Ron Asheton | In the Stadium

Sarah Havlin                                 The Mad Polar Bear

Daniel Ryan                                  Equation

Judith Mok                                    An Irish Explorer on Fifth

Alan Weadick                               Rest of the World

Enda Coyle-Greene                     Notes in December

J. Roycroft                                    The Possibilities

Mary O’Dell                                  Seen Through the Window of the Soak-n-Suds

Lex Runciman                              Head Is All Heart Has

Kevin Finn                                    The Meridians

Michael Corrigan                          Horse Men

Susan Millar DuMars                    Sunday Morning, Lorient

Bill Hughes                                   Blood Harbor

Tim Miller                                      The Burial Chamber in the Pyramid of Unas

Barbara A Morton                         Under Water | Amadou

Niamh O’Mahony                          Review: Flash Bang by James Cummins