Dimitra Xidous

I do not think my eyes are pretty

but I
cannot find
a man
who will
agree with me

every one
that has seen them
considers them

quite capable
of turning things
to meat

they tell me

this makes them pretty
like a slaughterhouse

Dimitra Xidous is a Greek-Canadian writer and poet whose work has appeared in Bare Hands Poetry, bywords.ca, Bywords Quarterly Journal, Room, and wordlegs. Her poetry has been included in the Bare Hands Anthology (2012), and Words and Wonders: A Guelph-area Anthology (2001). In 2011, she was long-listed for the Montreal International Poetry Prize. She has work forthcoming in The Poetry Bus 4 and The Dalhousie Review. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, she is currently living in Dublin, Ireland. She blogs at http://dublinyduende.wordpress.com/