Issue Four (Jan 2013)


Celeste Augé                         Quiet | Weekend Alone
Patrick Chapman                   Days | Tiberian
Christopher Locke                 The Man in the Aisle Seat as the Plane Starts to Crash
Rachel Coventry                    Passenger
Dave Lordan                          Mali or Somewhere
Tim Miller                               The Grove | The Mountain
Michael Corrigan                    Shadow Makers
Hugh McFadden                    The Temperature was X Degrees
Lori Desrosiers                       Sometimes I hear the clock speak
Noel Duffy                              On Light & Carbon | Keepsakes
Stephen Murray                     Surf Talk in Bundoran
John W. Sexton                      A Portable History & Philosophy Kit | Is That It Then?
Kate Dempsey                       Californian Fruit
John Stanizzi                         Small Axe
Danielle McLaughlin              Fields with Asterisks are Mandatory
Conor O’Reilly                       Driving Close to the DMZ
John Ennis                            Deadly Calm
Dimitra Xidous                       I do not think my eyes are pretty
Maeve O’Sullivan                  from Madrid Haiku
Barbara Smith                       When the Rat Race is Run
Alan Weadick                        That Time

Christodoulos Makris reviews High Art & Love Poems by Keith Gaustad
Michael S. Begnal reviews An Unscheduled Life by Joseph Horgan