Nell Regan


Rain has bitten away much of this month

but left us this foot-lifting morning, 
glistening, with its evening like an
palm or attenuated mind. Above us, ridges

where each next sighted peak promises 
renewal, the city a coastling in its
bays and

sight of the sea recalls a father
on the strand, his last child  
his arms. Look –  waves.

Thinks. Like this. He extends and moves his arm. 
They stand at the water’s
wrists flexing over thresholds of meaning.


Nell Regan has published two collections of poetry, Preparing for Spring and Bound for Home, both with Arlen House. Her work has appeared in Poetry Ireland Review, Cyphers, The Iowa Review and Poetry Daily and been  translated into Russian and Chinese. She has also published non- fiction. She was an Fellow at the International Writing Programme, Iowa University  in 2011 & lives and works in Dublin. See also