Sarah Maria Griffin

Found Months Later
(he can’t remember it happening)

As I lay fully clothed in the bed at 3am
I called to you as you undressed the wrong way
Bring me the custard creams from the kitchen
Please I need them
You go, t-shirted bare legged comedy
Then return with the long yellow packet
In your tequila hand
I say give them to me
You throw them
And they crack against my pissed head

Not too hard but we are laughing then
You join me horizontal
I eat just one
I am your biscuit black-eyed gir
You have salt and lemon on your shirt

Take it off







Sarah Maria Griffin is currently living in Dublin after completing the MA in Writing in NUI Galway. Her first collection of poetry, Follies, was published by Lapwing in 2011. She is currently Writer in Residence in Collinstown Community   College, Clondalkin. Her work has been included in several culture magazines and literary journals including The Stinging Fly, PANK Magazine (US) and Oh, Francis.