Judith Mok

An Irish Explorer on Fifth

On Fifth Avenue, he walked under a man-made sky
Toying with sentimental offers, bouncing his step
Off the steamy sidewalk
Flanked by his rag doll,
a tiny, homespun, silent siren.
The clanking of his heartbeat in his head
Pleasure was written for him.

As he walked down Fifth Avenue
He had the “all clear” for himself
In tune with some rocking song lines
His inner Cuchulainn on a frayed leash
Deceitfully dressed as a careless traveller
The tattoo on his leg a healthy fake
And the sun all mighty in the crown of his whiskey coloured hair
Hope dangled in the air, a small New York bell.

Judith Mok was born in Bergen in the Netherlands and lives in Dublin. She has published three novels and four collections of poetry. Her first novel, The Innocents at the Circus, was short-listed for the Prix de l’Academie Français and her work has appeared internationally in literary journals and anthologies. Her most recent collection of poetry, Gods of Babel, was published by Salmon Poetry in 2011. She travels the world as a professional classical singer.