Issue Three (Jul 2012)


Brian Kirk                        Tryst

Cal Doyle                          Lines for John Berryman | Untitled

Paul Perry                       Ticknock

Doireann Ni Ghriofa          Frida | Solitude

Colm Keenan                   Condemned

Kevin Graham                 The Ghost House | The Pigeon House

John Saunders                 Luck

Jeffrey Hecker                  Better Reasons the Shuttle Program Ends

Stephanie Conn               3511 Tsevtaeva

David Stone                     Recent History | My Ancestral Memory

Miceál Kearney                Lost & Found in The Mental Health Act, 2001

Hedda Hakvag                Water

David Gardiner                 Albany Gap | Lawrence

Joe Horgan                      The Man Made Out of Shipping Containers

Susan Kelly                      Dying Wish

Desmond Swords            The Blacksmiths

Kevin Higgins                  Historically Sensible | Innocent

Jason Roycroft                Atlantic Highway