Tim Miller

The Burial Chamber in the Pyramid of Unas

My ceiling is blue with yellow stars:
my ceiling is stone,
  but with the blue & yellow,
  my stone has become sky
  & my stone has become stars.
I am proud of the night air here.

With the king between my walls,
  look at the words that cover me:
  read the words carved into me:
  read the words colored green & blue:
  stare at the green & the blue
that stands out from my white walls,
carved & sunk into my skin
but standing out in their green & their blue.

My walls keep the king safe:
  the words there
    guard against the snake & the scorpion:
  the words there cense him
    & cleanse him
    & open his mouth to life again,
  & feed dear Unas again,
  alive again.

My words commend him to the sky:
Unas, who came here dead
& has gone away alive.



Tim Miller‘s other poems from history and religion, someday to be collected under the title The Great Year, are at www.wordandsilence.com. His most recent book is Hymns & Lamentations (S4N Books).