Kevin Higgins

Dear Editor

It is not insignificant. Your archives prove,
before God had the balls
to put pen to paper, I was on record both
for and against bank bailouts, global
Jihad, secret World Government, the transport
of the Jews to the East, and the attempt
by the City Council to quietly replace/not
replace the shrubs on the green opposite.
It is not insignificant. I won’t name them here,
but we both know of whom I speak,
Dear Editor. No one gives a damn
what’s become of the coastal towns
or bothers any more to listen
to the traditional Irish harp, Dear Editor.
Is it just me? You are what I do nights
when I can’t phone radio stations
to violently disagree
with what I said last week
about too many/not enough
American/French/Brazilian flags
on buildings that are none of my business,
or women weeing in all night doorways.
We both know of whom I speak.
Dear Editor, I am not insignificant.
I have written to the relevant authorities.
But only when you say my name,
can I be sure I still exist.    



Among Aliens

This dole queue speaks no English,
but Brazilian, Polish
and what might be
Ukrainian. Last week,
your brother, the blocklayer,
successfully torched
the house the bank took back,
but the new owners were out.
This morning Australia was sorry
to inform you it has no vacancies
for an ex-millionaire maker
of wrought iron gates that can be seen
all over Mayo and Clare. Back here,
a black toddler chews
her father’s Social Services Card.
You look at her
and know

this time it won’t be columns
of big boots beating out
wrong! wrong! wrong!
as far as Leni Riefenstahl can see;
but the guy with a million hits on YouTube,
his mouth full of euphemisms,
as he leans in to say: My dear people,
we must do something,
or cease to exist.



Kevin Higgins’ most recent collection of poetry, Frightening New Furniture,  was published in 2010 by Salmon Poetry. His fourth collection, The Ghost In The Lobby, will be published by Salmon in 2013. A collection of his essays and book reviews, Mentioning The War, will be published this year, also by Salmon. Kevin is co-organiser of Over The Edge literary events in Galway and was co-editor of the first four issues of the original Burning Bush.