Issue One (Jan 2012)


                                            Michael S. Begnal                Essay: New Magazines for Old

Kevin Higgins                       Dear Editor
Among Aliens

                                                                         Maurice Scully                     Blackbird: jig

John Thomas Menesini       Lawrenceville Steve
Paris of Appalachia

Patrick Chapman                 
The Amnesia to Melancholy Ratio
Doppelganger Clues

Nuala Ní Chonchúir             The Lunar Spread
George Konrad on Memoir

                                                           Keith Gaustad                      Jabot of Love Poems
Different Sexual

                                                          David Wheatley                   According to Lucretius
Air Street Fugue

                                                                              David Stone                         
The Owl
The Bandstand

   John W. Sexton                       The Past and the Present are Nothing to the Only Now

Todd Swift                             1000km to Berlin
Essay on Violence

 Emily Cullen                          Love and Milk

Dave Lordan                         Workmate

 Paul Perry                             A Presidential Epigram

Annemarie Ní Chuireann      Laundry

John MacKennna                  Dead Fox

Stephanie Conn                    Wedding Night

                                                               Gerard Smyth                          Beside the River
Sitric’s Kingdom

Shannon Ward                      Mice

                                                                              Miceál Kearney                     Tradition

Sarah Maria Griffin                As I Lay Fully Clothed in the Bed at 3am

Jean Kavanagh                    Flood

Peadar O’Donoghue             21st Century Crescendo

                                                                                Kerrie O’Brien                      Whisper

JP Dancing Bear                Let’s Spread Ourselves

Gerard Beirne                       Meditation #27

C. Murray            and her yellow music caught in the throat of birds