Mary O’Dell

Seen Through the Window of the Soak-n-Suds: A Woman Folding Underwear

Her lips form a thoughtful O
as she leans into the splintery table
and slides the pile this way and that,
plucking out dingy footies
and dropping them into a pillow case.
Her hair is rucked up in back
like she’s recently skinned out of the sweatshirt
now draped on a rusty folding chair.
She frowns at the tangle of boxers,
briefs and cotton panties still before her,
not to mention the thin-worn long johns
lounging down below in a blue plastic basket.
Her dull eyes light as she peels
a pair of red bikinis off her man’s gray shorts.
If it were dark enough in there
I’d be seeing sparks.





Mary O’Dell is founder and president of Green River Writers, Inc. and has been writing poetry for 50 years.  She has several poetry collections, the latest of which, published by Finishing Line Press, are chapbooks The Dangerous Man and What I Can Count On. Her full-length collection, Poems for the Man Who Weighs Light, is still available, as are two recently published novels, The Sweet Letting Go and Banger’s People, both by Turquoise Morning Press.