Bill Hughes

Blood Harbor

Steaming salt phosphorous
oil and gunpowder
lined passages
draining the land mass
giving off black and crimson blotches
to the merchant skies
filled up with power

the families of bloodmen
fed to stand guard
an agency
at every post along the wire
and concentrate into a fortress
at the international waterfront
the export
casting his hands like a priest
in a dim glow
still selling toxic numbers
to elite strangers
and trademark rhinestones
to elite designers
packed in under the gunmetal crates

releasing from the hazy harbor
black money and blood money
on corruptible ships
stretch out their long greasy line
as it thickens
a carnival erupts in gold dust
on the shore

Bill Hughes
was born in Akron, Ohio in 1987. He has published three books of poetry with Six Gallery Press. He has an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Pittsburgh and is currently working on an MFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.