Michael Corrigan

Shadow Makers

 – The Christian city of Nagasaki, August 4th 1945, 11.02 a.m.

We bought
yuko fruit
summer oranges
amber moons
against the paleness
of my daughters skin
we bowed
our thanks
to Lady Subiko
of the market
as we turned away
the air went white
the moment
frozen forever
in the stillness
between breaths
our souls fused
in to
our shadows
our shadows

Mick Corrigan has been writing seriously for past two years, prior to that he wrote frivolously. He has been published in a range of periodicals, magazines and online journals. He was shortlisted for the Doire Press Poetry Award 2011 and is on the longlist for the Bradshaw Books/Cork Literary Review Poetry Competition 2012. From Dublin, he lives in Kildare with Trish his lifer, Molly the wonder dog and Bandit the gin drinking dowager cat. He likes a well-made porkpie hat and regularly has ideas well above his station.