Burning Bush 2 News

It’s been nearly two years since the Burning Bush 2 was launched and just over 18 months since our first issue – The Burning Bush Revival Meeting – attracted an inordinate amount of fire and brimstone themed submissions, along with several offers of salvation, for issue number two. Since then we’ve established ourselves less as a bible studies revivalist publication and more as one of the best new online literary journals around.   

Issue 5, published back in July, is now up on the website and – to make space – we have archived our first four issues. You can still read the entire back catalogue of poetry, fiction and reviews on the site; we’ve just changed things around a bit.

A new series of short Q&A with some of the writers who have featured in the Burning Bush 2 got underway yesterday with Irish writer Patrick Chapman answering our questions. The series will continue every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for the next month or so. Don’t worry, when this is done we’ll come up with some other gimmick to attract your attention while we sift through the submissions and bring issue 6 into the world sometime in November.