The Burning Bush 2 Issue #1

UPDATE: Our new domain is up and running. The Burning Bush 2 will be at from now on.

The first issue of The Burning Bush 2 is ready and can be viewed by going to either the Number One or Download pages above.

A couple of notes: due to the vagaries (at least for us) of html, a couple of poems appear only in the downloadable and PDF versions of the magazine. We felt it was better to only present the poems in their correct format. So, you have two more reasons to go and download a copy. The poems, by the way, are Air Street Fugue (David Wheatley) and Paris of Appalachia (JT Menesini). We would have much rathered, of course, to have these excellent poems on the website as well but so it goes. Authors, we apologise but we are learning fast.

We had hoped to have our new domain name up and running by now but it’s delayed somewhere in the ether. We’ll let you know when we have it. Everything will probably look the same but the name will be which is snappier than blah blah blah wordpress etc.

I hope you enjoy this first issue of the new Burning Bush magazine and look forward to seeing your submissions for the next issue.

All the best,

Alan Jude Moore